Privacy Policy
Assessit AS

This privacy statement describes how Assessit collects and uses personal information in connection with our customer assignments, on our website, in social media and in connection with our newsletters and seminars.

Assessit AS is committed to protecting your privacy. It is important for us that you know what information we collect and how we safeguard your privacy. If you have questions related to our processing of personal data, you can contact us at: post@assessit.no.

Personal information is information or assessments that can be linked to you as an individual. It can be your name, telephone number, e-mail address, job title, etc. You have the right to decide your own personal information.

Our privacy statement is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is in accordance with our processing of personal data, and may therefore change from time to time.

Basis for processing personal data

We process personal data to fulfill obligations we as a company have undertaken for the implementation of assignments related to recruitment, organizational and leadership development, as well as customer administration and administration of participants in our seminars.

In connection with the execution of our assignments, Assessit will register information about our contact persons, the persons who are in the process with us and other persons who are connected to the contractual relationship.

In addition, we process personal information about our employees to manage salaries and other personnel administration.

How we use personal information:

  • Personal information about you will only be processed for lawful purposes and will be deleted, or anonymised when we no longer have a basis for processing it.
  • The information is used by Assessit and sent to our customers in connection with recruitment / assessment for ongoing assignments / positions, as well as assignments related to Management for Hire.
  • The information is used by Assessit in connection with guidance / coaching, development and restructuring

Personal information will not be stored longer than is necessary for the purpose or what is required by law.

In addition to the purpose above, we want to provide you with information about us and our services. We also want to be able to send you other relevant information, and to get in touch. It is voluntary to consent to further storage and we will continue to use this information until you inform us that you want us to delete your information, or until we find it expedient. You can notify us of deletion here: post@assessit.no.

Your rights

You have the right to request access to, update and correct, or delete personal information, or restriction of the processing, to protest against the processing, as well as the right to data portability. You also have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Assessit’s use of cookies

A cookie is a small file that is stored locally by you, and which stores information from our website. For example, they can be used in connection with statistics that are used to improve the website, to gain insights that can be used to develop the website, for marketing purposes, to measure and improve the relevance of ads or when you log in to the website.

Settings for use of cookies in browsers

By allowing the use of cookies, you will be able to get a more relevant user experience of websites you visit. You can still change this by making changes to settings in your browser. At nettvett.no you will find descriptions of how you can delete cookies or reject cookies.


By entering your e-mail address in forms or pop-ups, and clicking on «Sign up», you agree to receive newsletters as e-mails from Assessit. You can unsubscribe from the news or newsletter notification at any time by clicking at the bottom of emails you receive, or by unsubscribing.

Only your email address will be processed, and your email address will be retained for as long as you wish to receive alerts or newsletters. If you unsubscribe or withdraw your consent to receive alerts or newsletters, your email address will be deleted immediately. Your email address will not be shared with others.

MailChimp is our supplier (data processor) for the newsletter. The email address is stored in MailChimp’s database. MailChimp uses information such as your IP address, metadata, application etc. MailChimp is owned and operated by The Rocket Science Group LLC. You can read their Cookie Statement here. https://mailchimp.com/legal/cookies/ and their privacy statement here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/)


We may use third party companies when we advertise online. These companies use cookies and tracking pixels to collect information about your activities on our and other websites to offer you targeted advertising based on your interests. If you no longer wish to receive such information (for the purpose of providing you with targeted ads,) you may, among other things, unsubscribe via this website: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/. Remember that this does not shield you from any kind of advertising. You will still be exposed to generic advertising.


Facebook cookies are used to collect the website’s behavioral data for the purpose of providing targeted advertising based on user interests. We recommend that you find out exactly how social network cookies are used and how long the data is stored on the respective websites. Read more about Facebook’s cookies here (https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/#u_0_k)

Google Analytics / Google Tagmanager

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how our website is used. Google Analytics uses information such as your IP address, browser type and unique identifiers stored in (first party) cookies on your device to record how you interact with our website. The cookie is stored for 2 years. Read more at Google. You can opt out of Google Analytics here.

Cookies in digital recruitment campaign

In our strategic recruitment campaigns, we also use Google Analytics for the same purpose. In addition to Google Analytics, we use Hotjar and Segment. Hotjar records user sessions to create heat maps of usage patterns. Your gestures with mouse pointers and clicks are recorded, so we can analyze how our websites are used. Everything stored is anonymous. Segment helps Monner collect information about you as a customer or website user.

 For more information about Assessit’s use of cookies, please read our cookie policy.

Settings for use of cookies in browsers

By allowing the use of cookies, you will be able to get a more relevant user experience of websites you visit. You can still change this by making changes to settings in your browser. At nettvett.no you will find descriptions of how you can delete cookies or reject cookies.